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How long does it take to get a nanny?
It usually takes from 2-8 weeks from the time we receive your family application.

But what if I need a nanny right away?
In many instances we can accomodate families quickly. Rather than be rushed into selecting a nanny, The Nanny Agency, Inc. is also happy to place one of our temporary nannies in your home. Additional temp paperwork is required.

How old are your nannies?
Our nannies range from 18 years and up. The nice thing about using the Nanny Agency, Inc. to help you find your nanny is that we do a custom job. In the family application, you tell us exactly what you are looking for in a nanny, we match you with the nanny candidates, and you select your nanny.

Are the nannies U.S. citizens and do they speak English?
All nannies that we use are U.S. citizens or are legally able to work in the United States. All of our nannies speak English.

How many nannies do we get to interview?
As many as it takes. However, we have a philosophy at The Nanny Agency, Inc:
For the money you pay us to find your "perfect nanny", we feel it's our job to send the best nanny candidates possible and not waste your time parading people by you, just to put on a show.

We line up what we think are the best two or three candidates. If it takes more, we're happy to accomodate you. After the interviews, many parents call to say "it was a tough decision because each of the candidates was highly qualified and we liked them all."

Where do we interview the nanny candidates?
Most parents interview at their home, but you can also pick a place to meet, like your office or a Starbucks.

What if I want to check out the nanny candidates myself?
You should, and we will provide you with the applicant's references, along with her application.

What about medical testing, HIV, drug, or TB tests?
We can arrange for your nanny to have medical testing as a condition of her placement. We use Concentra medical centers with many locations throughout the Metroplex. We will submit their bill to you for payment.

After we've selected our nanny, how do we make sure that everyone knows what's expected of them?
We help you put together a written "work agreement" which spells out the nanny's hours, salary, benefits, and job duties. Once you agree to it, both you and the nanny sign it, and each gets a copy.

What guidance can you give to help me be a great employer?
At The Nanny Agency, Inc., we know the success of the placement depends largely on the parent-nanny relationship. We urge you to hold weekly meetings with your nanny to keep the lines of communication open and discuss issues as they arise. Also, we are
always available to answer your questions and to make suggestions.

What if I select a nanny and it doesn't work out?
The Nanny Agency, Inc. has an unconditional guarantee:
In the first 6 months, if the placement doesn't work out for any reason, we will replace your nanny free of charge, no questions asked. If a replacement is needed after the first 6 months, the replacement fee is discounted 50%, as is explained in the family agreement.

What happens when my nanny is sick or on vacation?
The Nanny Agency, Inc. will do its best to send you a temp, and we will waive our normal sitting fee. You just pay the nanny.


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