Background Investigations: a professional pre-employment screening service will run a check on each nanny at the time of hire, which includes:

  • Criminal background search, including sex offender registry
  • Identity verification
  • Social security trace
  • Driving History

Personal Interview: assesses experience, appearance, hygiene, professionalism, and personality.
CPR/First Aid: certificate is required.
Application: covers the nanny's education, training in childcare, family information, personality profile, outside interests, skills and availability. We will share the application with you during the search process.
Work History: includes the previous employers' names, phone numbers, the nanny's responsibilities, the dates of employment, salary and the ages of the child or children cared for.
Documentation: each candidate fills out an authorization form for a background check. We check criminal history, driving records, sex offender registry and run a social security trace.
Family Application:
will guide you in writing a complete job description.
Client/Agency Agreement: clearly explains our obligations to you.
Nanny/Family Work Agreement: covers duties, hours, salary, conditions of employment, etc.